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First in Your Face

You Pushed It To The Limit

Now You Gotta Choose Tonight

Tarot Woman, You're All About To Loose The Fight

Don't Need A Part Time Wizard

Who Drives Me Outta My Mind

Cuz' I'm Allright

I Gonna Live It Up Tonight

Once Upon A Time,

Thought The World Was Mine Alone

Had No Time To Realize,

It Came Without A Warning At All

Like A Fist In Your Face

A Fist In Your Face

And There's A Time Bomb Tickin'

Deep Inside My Head

Must Be A Black Hole Attraction

A Wrong Step N' You're Dead

Don't Know The Word Surrender

Don't Know The Rules Of The Game

I'm Ready To Go And I Swear

You Won't Forget My Name


First in Your Face / Gotthard

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