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 Gotthard Gotthardрок-энциклопедия


Once again I start to wonder

Sailing thoughts on endless sea

Might be you I see reflected, from afar

Could be just my fantasy

All my love, and emotion

Life is nothing without you

Like a drop finds the ocean

I'm gonna find my way to you

Low thunder rollin'

Take me away, away

There's something callin'

Askin' me to play

Firedance, it's a firedance

Firedance, just a firedance, oh yeah

I'm the wind against the mountains

I'm the fire deep inside

I feel the magic, the rhythm is my soul

I no longer have to hide

Join me now, come on over

There's a place right here for you

Seize the moment and discover

All the things you always knew


Firedance / Gotthard

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