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 Gotthard Gotthardрок-энциклопедия

Come along

Let me tell ya that you're half way there

That you got more than a friend to share

Believe me

We can set the night on fire

So these are words coming straight from the heart

You're strong enough for a brand new start

Believe me

Rising to the sun and higher

Don't you let your head down

Take a chance and make it allright

Get yourself a future

You can make it as bright as the light

Come along, get alive

Come along, take a ride

There's a world outside

And it's waiting just for you...

Come along, get alive

Come along, take a ride

Find the hope inside

And keep it there for you

It may be hard but it's feelin' right

Never worry when i'm out of sight

Believe me

We can make the world go round

When you listen to the beat of my heart

And when you step right into the dark

Believe me

There is more light to be found


Come along / Gotthard

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