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Guess Whos Back

I got the skills to pay the bills

I don't pop pills but I send chills

Up your spine when I rhyme

I get wicked, you got a booger, pick it

Sippin' on the 40, ya know it makes me horny

Spread them legs, grab my axe

Fire up the grill and crack the kegs

Nobody fear, the party's here

Everlast is comin', the funky drummer's drummin'

Ya only came backstage to make the front page

To get me locked up, or get yourself knocked up

But I ain't with it, even if I did it

I got a hundred homeboys to say I didn't hit it

My name's Everlast, I got the funky rhymes

I make more papers than the LA Times

I don't do lines, but I puff blunts

I don't rock fronts, but I stuff stunts

Fill 'em to the brim like a cup of coffee

If ya don't know me, homey, back up off me

Cause I ain't soft, see, I'll fly ahead

You wind up dead, you made your bed

Now ya gotta lie in it, don't bother tryin' it

Take my advice, homeboy, think twice

Before you step up, step back

Or catch a smack, guess who's back


(He's back) Guess who's back (Everybody's in the street) [4x]

(He's back) (Everybody's in the street) [3x]

(He's back) [2x]

He's back from the dead, with the shaved head

Don't start to trip, dip, I brought my lead

Just in case you wanna fuck around

I'll stare ya dead in the face, and then I'll buck ya down

I'll put ya six feet deep, some say talk's cheap

But I make big bucks servin' up punk ducks

By the pound, I got the sound

I never been checked, I only get wrecked

I kick the willy drag, let my pants sag

Don't give up the booty, cause I ain't no fag


House Of Pain

Guess Whos Back / House Of Pain

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