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Put Your Head Out

I rip shit like a bow when I flow

And I score points with the joints that I throw

Cause I flow deadly

I'm no punk see

I break backs make tracks and get funky

There's no one to run to cause nobody cares

MC's drop to your knees say your prayers

The luck of the Irish is about to kick in

Prepare to die and notify your next of kin

I'm goin' all out buck duck and call out

That's how I'm livin punk you better stall out

This is the House of Pain

To come inside is insane


I'll put your head out (4x)

Jump up spread out

I'll put your head out

I'll put your head out

Put put your head out

Jump up spread out

I'll put your head out

Hey what up punk?

I'll put your head out

Who steps the booze

When the hoods wanna take a cruise

They're feelin' the effects of the booze

Ain't no clues to hold with them fools

Who got smoked even though they scrat crews

You got bruise but I got the booma

Trigger to blast ya askin the bull

Take my life shit, I'll take you to school

In the do what's the difference if your think of droppin Jews

Carbon copy think you're so cool

Stop dreamin' and hallucinatin'

You're caught up in a piece of pain

Click click, punk, now you're thinkin' oh shit

Quit while you're ahead before I fill you full of lead


Blessed with the gift, and gifts with the rhyme

I never say quit when I'm out to get mine

It's live and let die, sit back and get high

Smokin' a fat blunt, waitin' for some punk

To act up like he's got somethin' in him

Then I grab the mike and start spittin' out venom

Coughin' up headstones, blowin' out headphones

Steppin' to me, you'll wind up in the Dead Zone

It's nothin' personal, that's how it goes, G

Step up with beef, and you'll wind up losin' teeth

Cause I don't give up the mike that easy

Step back, this ain't government cheese, G

You can stand in line, but you ain't gettin' it

Talk all the shit you want, but I ain't sweatin' it


House Of Pain

Put Your Head Out / House Of Pain

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