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 Fairport convention Fairport conventionбританская фолк-роковая команда

Sickness and Diseases

I do hate to see a rover crippled in the stones

Now he's one step nearer to the ground

And I do hate to see a hawker broken in the bones


Sickness and diseases pull you down, pull you down

Sickness and diseases pull you down

Everybody's got the sickness, everybody's down

Running to the doctor with a pound

"Doctor, doctor, do you have a needle big enough for me?"



My friend Billy, well he looks so ill, his face is white as milk

Everybody runs for miles when he's in town

He's got every known disease and some without a name


If you want to live to be a poor man or a prince

Pay good attention when evil times abound

Always listen to what your mother says and stay in bed at night



Fairport convention

Sickness and Diseases / Fairport convention

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