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The silence inside this place is screaming

Here, were the roses never wither, as they never bloomed

Here the sun never shone

Even the darkness never came in

No hope, no fear

An ocean of tears, that never fell

Tomorrow brings remembrance of opened wounds

The light invaded the endless darkness

A soul, which birth was denied

A soul that became forgotten

The darkness fades away even the brightest colour

The street is empty, and leads to nowhere

A shrilling scream, that no one heard

Who cares? We can all be free

"Tomorrow is a new day

But today was new as well...

...For only thing is fear fealt

The fear of life"

Fallen asleep, wrapped in a blood red blanket

Two dead eyes are staring into emptiness

From a soul, which birth was denied

Death greets the one life forgot


Glemt / Enslaved

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