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Born in a flames in the time before time

In the sparkling embrace of Muspellheim

Born to be your souls darked depths

Before Audhumla, our ancient mother awakened

When your eyes is glowing with hate

A hate older than both men and gods

Then you see the light of Muspell

To strong for any man to tame

The oldest force will man never understand

In the deepest domains of fire, man can never reign

Stronger than the grip of death

Mightier than the lights of Norns

Wiser than Fimbul-Tul

More betraying than the son of Faarbaute

That, who once brought forth life

And gave us Mother Earth

Shall return in the flames of Surt

Our flesh shall burn at Ragnarok

Our souls shall be united in Frost & Fire


Eld / Enslaved

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