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A Long Time Ago

Lyrics by Grutle Kjellson 1995

Hymns were sung

In the times when our people still were proud

in the long gone past

A long time ago

Then came the disease

The disease from south

Deception and false knowledge

Infected our minds

Survival of the fittest was forgotten

But still it didn't disappear

Beneath the layers of a thousand years of


Burns the ancients northern thoughts

Fight! Don't let your powers disappear

Our sunset shall also be our dawn

They burned our temples

They killed our men

We shall take back

What once were ours

Fight! Deny not your mind

Our sunset shall also be our dawn

We shall once again sing

Hymns from ancient times

Like we did in those days

A long time ago

Music by Ivar Bjшrnson 1995


A Long Time Ago / Enslaved

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