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The Thirst

There's a man who is lonely

This could change if he'd only

Take a chance and risk stepping outside himself

There's a girl he's been seeing

From afar he's been dreaming

he could have her if he were someone else

So he silently awaits

A major change in fate

A change that comes too late

And you're reaching for a star

But can you reach that far

Standing where you are?

The wanting was too much

You're longing for her touch

It's not within your clutch

There's a man who's been thinking

To himself he's been dreaming

How to build a skyscraper to the stars

Now he starts to go to it

He's so sure he cand do it

Though he's lacking the knowledge of design

Now his dream comes crashing around him

And tumbles to the sea

Along with all he wanted to be

A realization strikes him

A harsh reality

He doesn't know everything

When the student tries to teach

The knowledge that you seek

Lies just outside your reach

There's a thirst you have to learn

A hunger inside burns

Time for the page to turn

It's the wanting,It's the hoping,It's the longing

There's a flame within your soul

To strive to reach your goal

But dreaming takes its toll

It's nature's own device

To grab and roll the dice

But each toss has its price

Emotions starts to flow

Your heart takes control

And steers you down the road

Your destination is no concern

The impulsive never learn

Just another bridge to burn

It's the wanting,It's the hoping,It's the longing...

[Music and Lyrics: D.Ott]


The Thirst / Enchant

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