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Can you look into my eyes before I look away?

Can you catch my gaze?

Can you see what's deep inside a lost and lonely man?

Can you understand that I wear a mask of fear?

I cannot be betrayed,that's why I'm so afraid

To interact with the other side

Instead I act alone, decisions are my own


Me,myself and I - we will be all right

Living all alone in a dark and empty home

Just a loner trying to survive

Needing companionship to keep oneself alive

My body and soul are mine alone to share

Making conversation with someone who isn't there

If I could just

Interact,minds making contact

Interact,when chemicals react

How can you reach this burning man?

You sense his pain and passion, in a silent scream he cries

His tale is told through his eyes

You cannot look to long before you hear his song


Me,myself and I - we are doing fine

Kid myself I must,there's no one else I trust

How can I tell my secrets, when we already know?

How can I show my fears,when I've already shone myself

To myself,for myself,all by myself

Interact,minds making contact

Interact,when chemicals react

Interact,there's no turning back

If I could just interact

[Music: D.Ott,P.Craddick,M.Geimer]

[Lyrics: D.Ott]


Interact / Enchant

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