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There's an aura around you

I'm captivated by your eyes

I can't believe that i've found you

Why am I so starry eyed?

I once lived with honor

Followed codes of chivalry

But I can't help but falter

Under the spell of Annowree

Oh- This love's not for real

The emotions I feel

Oh- stronger than tempered steel

Can't you see how I feel?

Where did you come from?

What's your name?

Is it all a game?

You ignite men's hearts aflame

To burn for you in vain

Like a magnet you draw me

Like a spider to the fly

An empty heart is so easy

To seduce and hipnotize

Oh- is this my destiny?

A lock whithout a key

No- this nightmare is no dream

Have I lost Reality?

Where did I come from?

What's my name?

Nothing seems the same

You ignite my heart aflame

To burn for you in vain

And the ones who let their hearts

Rule their minds

Will burn their bridges

When they've crossed

And leave the world behind...

Leave it all behind

No- this loves not for real

The emotions I feel

No- can I break this spell?

Only time will tell

[Music: D.Ott,P.Craddick]

[Lyrics: D.Ott]


Enchanted / Enchant

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