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The Vision Burning

The counterfeit master of the world

Will call for his empire!

He's the demon of illusion, sorrow,

Darkness, mourning and appearance

Forests will explode and on red wings

Spirits will ascend into the sky!

Cities will catch fire and they'll carbonize

So unbelievable hot, silent, and dry!

Choir: We will burn - fire

These corroding flames they will seize,

surround us too,

You is the victim - the dormant peace!

We will burn, the air will be afraid of our mortal frame

Ethereal we are, the air we breathe

The storm that's stirring up all fire!

I see, our life and limb will still

Not come to harm by this conflagration

Of everything to be allright,

Although our hidden souls already dwell

In seas of flames, red hot solution!

Voice: How will we stand the fire tomo



The Vision Burning / Eloy

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