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Queen of the Night

my guiding star shows me the path

to gates of dawn that lie shining

its signs and magic lights lead me

through this labyrinth of darkness

tempting me and enticing me

the hour of examination has come

I have come to crossing lights

and one tries to blind me

dark shadows try to lead astray

shading me blunting me

pulling at me with all their might

they caress and blind and touch me

pulling at me with all her might

the seductive queen of night calls

escape the dark that hides and gives you a shelter and guard

why confront the sun's burning rays that will be your decline

fate can't be questioned

the cards have all been laid

useless uprising

surrender to the laws of man's nature turn back in time

isn't the night the one that makes lifetime berarable

play man's game

that eternally will be

useless uprising

Queen of the night don't poison me

with your scents that numb my mind and all betray

I won't give in to our reality

that contains a being that doesn't satisfy

fountains of light

will finally prove me right


Queen of the Night / Eloy

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