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When The Snow Comes Down In Tinseltown

Dear Santa,

I live in Hollywood, but it's not like in the movies, where Christmas is always snowy white. On my list, is just one wish,

that it would snow tonight.

When the snow comes down in Tinseltown

You'll be dancing in Hollywood

Slippin and a' sliding and a'sleigh ridin' all over the neighborhood

You'll be rockin' with a stockin' on your head so the cold won't get to you

On Christmas Eve you can believe that wishes do come true


Ohhh, when the snow comes down

Ohhh, in Tinseltown

On Christmas Eve you will believe

When the snow comes down in Tinseltown

You close your eyes and to your surprise you see the reindeer fly

It's choirs singing fa la la la la

go walking by

Your singing and a' ringing right along with church bells in the air

Its seems so real that you can feel

the snowflakes in your hair


In the morning when you awake

Your face all shining bright

And when you look outside you see

the palm trees trusting wide!

Dear Santa, thank you, thank you for that perfect Christmas day. Gliding down the streets of Hollywood, in a one horse open


[Instrumental break]

[Chorus 4x]

[Fades and song ends]

Хилари Дафф

When The Snow Comes Down In Tinseltown / Хилари Дафф

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