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 Dismember Dismemberрок-группа

Pagan Saviour

Override the overture

Behold the overwhelming power

Trampled and mangled

By the hordes of terror

The process of death is our fate to be

From the skies blood drips like rain

Tell me how I suffer, tell me how I'll die

My arms stretched out in eternal pain

The life that we knew drowned in the stream of death

The agony within tears my worthless being


By the blasphemous horror inside

Enter a world

Beyond this global tomb


By visions of things past and gone

My death arrives

My fate to be it must be done

Laid to rest

Shut my eyes

Live no more

Die a countless times

To the burial ground

Our flesh are bound

Our souls will live on

With the powers beyond

At the end

I'm still so cold inside

Once again

I would like to share my memories of life

Show me

The realm where nothing dies

If such a place exist

Please guide my eyes


Pagan Saviour / Dismember

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