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 Dismember Dismemberрок-группа

Hate Campaign

I talked with God today

He was feeling weak and depressed

Overworked and stressed

I gave him what he needed best

Crying over his failed creation

Could not bear the shame

So I put a bullet through his brain

To relieve him from his pain

I met Allah today

Insane leader to millions of men

He thrust an Ak 47 in my hands

And told me to die for him in the desert lands

I hate it all

The lies and the self deceit

I deny it all

And refuse any divine call

Hate campaign

Free yourself from insanity

Hate campaign

Wake up to reality

I met Krishna the clown

He showed me the celibacy but I fucked him anyway

I heard Satan today

Told me to burn churches in a broad way

Spoke to Hitler today

He gave two options

Become a god my way or their martyr and slave


Hate Campaign / Dismember

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