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 Dismember Dismemberрок-группа


Fleshless I crawl

Drifting alone

By the realm of the living

Eternal I have become

I will never die

I shall nourish the unborn

Shadowed until the end of time

Twilight is upon me

And deep below I lay

I accept my fast it comes

Why should I be afraid to die

Soon my night will fall

Only dreams remain

Through another day

Seems so lonely

In this cold domain

Tainted by my sinful past

Shadows over me it casts

They very power of my soul

Will last until we all shall fall

Painful as it is

I have to realise

I'm not the only one

There is thousands more to die

Only grief remains

With hate I will pass away

To my land of dreams

Thus it shall stand until we all shall fall

We all shall fall


Fleshless / Dismember

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