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 Dismember Dismemberрок-группа

Stillborn Ways

Spirit side dreaming

Let your blood flow

A last grasp

At your dying faith

I will eat your soul

Your suffering is mine

I'll be your source of pain

Dead ends now entwine

Phantasmal being nightmare creature

Your death is to be sustained

Repeating your act of painful demise

The will to live forever maimed

Demon resurrection

Come die with us

A bloodstained path to oblivion

Scarring both mind and soul

Fuel my evergrowing hate

As I devour you whole

Soul devourer


I bringer of bitterness

To forever be

Forever sleep

With a hellbound heart

Where pain is born

Carved in flesh

Another object of my art

As I did you also learn

Screaming as our souls burn

The meaning of your severe pain

Your crawling flesh dies again


Stillborn Ways / Dismember

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