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 Destruction Destructionрок-группа

Tears of Blood

A stream of blood is runnin', runnin' down the east,

In the slaughterhouse of salvia they're celebrating a big feast

Collecting dead bodies became their only sick challenge

The borders of atrocity are running out of balance

The dreadful beast did proudly sharpen his knifes

Thousands of husbands are losing their wives

Proudly they present their dead trophies on TV

You've to pay with your life if you wanna be free!

Tears of blood

Running down a cold check,

Eyes have seen so much

Sorrow committed by a freak!

Tears of blood,

Will leave their deep traces

To remember all the deadly screaming faces!

Now everything is over we're starting to forget,

For a fowl nation it's time now to regret

But hatred will dig the scares deep in their hearts,

So the pain will end we're it starts!


Tears of Blood / Destruction

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