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 Destruction Destructionрок-группа


You've made your choice just now

For a better solution - peaceful revolution

Time has never been on your side

Been taken out for a ride

You've just escaped from c. camp

Unwillingly imprisoned

You need no guiding light

For the definite conversion

We show you how to begin

Tell you "Brother you'll win"

Don't reinstate those again

Who caused you sorrow and pain

SED just stands for

Socialists' eternal death

Socialists' eternal death

Watch every step you make

Control evolution - no more disillusion

See! How far you got with you faith

Achieved more than could

Just like everyone should

I trust in you

And you wish to survive

And the struggle and strife

That you will face every day

In China they killed your friends

Slaughtering with no sense

The way they treat their folks

Is showing us that you're rogues

SED just stands for

Socialist' eternal death


Sed / Destruction

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