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 Destruction Destructionрок-группа

No Need To Justify

Time to cast a magic spell

Keep our souls, prevent to sell

Fill the void inside our hearts

Try to wipe out deepest scars

Sue me for an easy lie

No one's ever seen me cry

You and me won't lose our pride

If we now refuse to hide

That's what we all begin to learn

Disrespect we don't deserve

In times like these we need to care

We've never ever really spoke

About the problems that provoked

A quiet destructive atmosphere

Going around round about

No one's to lead try to succeed

There's no need to justify

Intrigued ways to say goodbye

Side by side not upside down

Don't reject emotions now

Though I know your confused mind

Think it's willing to unwind

No one's to blame what happened there

At the abyss of deep despair

It's been a lack of sympathy

Some time has passed to get to know

Why everybody acted so

It's been a lack of sympathy

Going around...


No Need To Justify / Destruction

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