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 Destruction Destructionрок-группа

Cracked Brain

Nothing to say, to be honest

Got no idea what to talk about now

Speaking my mind is so useless

Can't think of words that suit the stale I'm in

Don't know at all what it's all about

All day long I'm smoking

Always a thrill butI'm not getting high

I'm not excited

I don't feel like it


I've got a cracked brain, cracked brain

Feel too lazy to get up

Just stay in bed and rest my mind

Nowhere to go - no one's waiting

All I want is to get passed this day

Stare at a box with moving pictures

Lie on a rug and let the time pass by

Clouds of smoke inside my bedroom

Floating away and leave reality behind

I'm not excited...


Cracked Brain / Destruction

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