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Bullets From Hell

Hate is all I feel

Disgust is a disease no one can heal

Frustration - no big deal

This suckin' life can't be fuckin' real

Salvation of our sanity

Is what they preach to the silly humanity

But greed and ignorance

Knocks down the level of my tolerance

[Bridge:] I don't give a fuck if they endorse political crime

The crap they preach is just like a bad rhyme

Don't trust the one with the smile on the face

Or you'll disappear without a trace

[Pre:] I Suffer from this curse - a verdict of my hate

You won't forget this verse - you can't change our fate

II You won't forget this words - no one can tell

Deep from my heart I shoot - bullets from hell

Bullets - bullets from hell

Bullets - bullets from hell

Bullets from hell

An ambush - I'm born to scream it out

I ain't no preacher - there's no fuckin' doubt

Listen - to this desperate words

Understand - I hit where it hurts

[Repeat bridge]

[Repeat pre I & II]

See - the nightmares I bring

Feel - the unholy sting

Smell - the fragrance of decay

Hear - my screams they will stay


Bullets - bullets from hell [x4]


Bullets From Hell / Destruction

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