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 Destruction Destructionрок-группа

Black Mass

I kneel in front of the altar

it's covered with flowers

I pray to lord jesus

and contess my sins

I hear a scornful laughin'

voices sound through the silence

the organ plays by oneself

hell what's happen here

I look around and scare

skulls lie on the black altar

all crosses turned

green blood drops from the walls


Demoniac monsters grin at me

all over signs of the evil

a man with a black coat floats over me

glowin' eyes stare in the distance

Total calm the figure raise the voice

our master is angry

we must appease him

you're chosen be happy


Panic takes me I run to the gate it's open

nobody stops my rout

don't be so stupid

you can not escape

I awake only a dream

bathed in persperation

a scornful laughin' sounds

a phantom floats over me

'You can't escape'


Black Mass / Destruction

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