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All Hell Breaks Loose

The fire in our eyes still burns

Longer than this tasteless planet turns

We've been fightin' on the darker side

The keeper of darkness is our guide

The end is near no you can pray

Dead men tell no fuckin' tales

Death and destruction but we'll stay

The poor believing mankind fails

Our evil preed prepared their meal really well

The fast food society right now can't tell

The suicide solution to escape our might

Won't help your soul to get out of sight

The end is near so you can pray ....

All hell breaks loose

You've got no choice

Cause you're just Satan's toys

All hell breaks loose

You've got no choice

Cause you follow his voice

With open arms we wait for those,

Who didn't choose to pray and pose

The legions of black will scream out their hails

The principle of all religions fails

You've fallen in missgrace,

You've been praying since you've been told

The deal with god is to believe to get old

You've been kneeling, hoping and begging for relief

Now your life will steal away like a thief

But on your soul are black marks and it fakes,

We got you on our side, you made too many mistakes,

You've suffered all your life to be a good guy

A big fucking lie - burn in hell!


All Hell Breaks Loose / Destruction

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