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From C2MXHAM@FRE.TOWSON.EDU Mon Jul 5 21:20:01 1993

Date: 05 Jul 1993 23:16:01 -0500 (EST)


Subject: meantime

To: neds@acca.nmsu.edu

Meantime by Helmet


in the meantime (3:11)


earth tone suits you

so give it a smile

if i could hold your feet down

get to know for awhile

to make due is a promise

hard to keep without help

never taught to look in

i'm too concerned with my health

help me spread right, ash is

cow fertilized

come down in a feed town

strength to minimize

hold it

in the meantime

ironhead (3:23)


safe to kill

it all comes back or

stick it out and

wage my own attack

lift me up through

what i've found

bite my lip

how far down is down?

time to take

what i know

keep it in and

live here all alone

what's the worst or

better dead

wear it out

the pain is in my head

give it (4:17)


killing hurts

has to be done

peace and love and

who's number one

the right to give

learn to bleed it's free

pain is outside

lift it up to see

step ahead

always wear the past

dying soothe me

beneath the smell of grass

no world secret

kept is too intent

i've got my nerve

self-help confidence


unsung (3:59)


your contributions left unnoticed some

association with an image

just credit time for showing up again

attention wandered i'm left with it

gone by sin too slowly

can't pass it up

then i thought nothing is right

i turned it off

to die unsung would really bring you down

although wet eyes would never suit you

walk through no archetypal suicide to

die young is far too boring these days

your will to speak clearly

exposed too much

unsung once too often

could not rub off

turned out (4:13)


come off crisp and play up to the cynic

clean and schooled right down to the minute

you need to hear that your life is rough

speaking out and cold that you've had enough

you know how to live and your heart's gone "bi"

substance rush giving art a try

your righteous squat's been burned to the


pass the buck

never utter a sound

high times, hard times

downtown julie brown

you turned out

wasted time

need escape me

missed it, right?

you turned out

take my time

give it to you

get out

he feels bad (4:02)


so i take it out

every chance i get

left to be mean

still it's sane and so sympathetic

want to feel bad

but you can't say no

it's no cause at all

it comes down to you and

who bleeds who?

just pass the day

pleasant leaves you

comes to you the same way

passed on

every day's the last day

no one sees you

walk the part to stay

not you

judge yourself again

age is no excuse

had to find a way to

close my eyes, call it back and shoot

better (3:09)


get it right

my last word sins

i taste it now

omission wins

for keeping down

my better side

i still ignore

and try to hide

so get out

the easy word

will never slip

i brought it down

to take the lip

don't need to know

don't have to feel

you better side

i had to steal

your better, you die better

write down the day, expend it

work it in again, death ends it

you borrowed (3:49)


i'll throw you scraps and talk

the bad things

the language or the motive

affected shown is

self imitating

trust the dying breed

the pitch i made has been

on my end i trust in

what's left here

to lie is

admired you trust in

without fear

you borrow

my world of one speak up

the good things

the guidelines let me follow

offense is borrowed

FBLA II (3:22)


lost senses

attention you get

short step is mighty

now your need turns sick

to realize is the

fastest defense

stand yourself on right and

wear this thin

land it

i have to get it

get it right

what i need

it's what i need

role model (3:31)


assume my stance

i could certain lose it

reach out

show you help

look down and take a chance

feel like i've gone

too far the reason comes

beg to know

talk to hear

wonder how it came out wrong

one saves

gone right

one begs

lost sight


[*] typed in by [*]

[*] Gary Adkins [*]

[*] gary@gnu.ai.mit.edu [*]



Meantime / Helmet

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