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Sex & Violence

I used to love you not I don't care
Not I turn around, you're everywhere
So you can chew me up and spit me out
You're just the little bitch I cared about

I know you can see me
But you don't believe me
I know that you're lonely
Time will tell and time is hell

No sex or violence
No morbid silence
Forever sleeping
You won't stop breathing

You hold me captive and it's not fair
Progressed insanity is everywhere
You need to love me but you kicked me out
My head is wandering so knock me out

I keep my head alfloat I'm drowning in
The muddy water pulls me down again
I used to love me but I hate me now
I'm just a little bitch I cared about

Stone Temple Pilots

Sex & Violence / Stone Temple Pilots

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