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Джери Холлиуэлл Джери Холлиуэллпоп звезда

Summer Time (B-Side To Mi Chico Latino)

Sometimes I tiptoe by I look for telly love

I understand there's no such plan

Thata fits just like a glove

Feet a little high feel a little shy

You're the reason why I know you

It's summer time with sleepy eyes

I'm sorry, I'm sorry

Gotta dream in mind

Don't worry worry no no no

So dry that tear in the sun burn your skin we just begun a summer dream

Yes my dear chilling shadows dissapear

Dive on in to this foolish ocean

It's so full of love swim swim with me

I don't wanna dream hold me baby we're going down

Джери Холлиуэлл

Summer Time (B-Side To Mi Chico Latino) / Джери Холлиуэлл

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