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Pressure Point

Runnin' everywhere

From the corner to the square

Goin' up and down around all day.

Lookin' for booze, got nothin' to lose,

Gonna show you what I wanna do.

Slash with fingers, feel my eyes, and rip them from my face.

Got the whole plan think I'm goin' more insane,

As I feel it comin' back again.

Pressure point is building higher 'n' higher.


Walls around me don't seem to charm me,

I've got to change their little minds.

Lies they told me, were lies to keep me here,

And turn around and you will find.

Bars surround me, still I feel free,

From all the madness locked outside of me.

Walking down the hall,

As I bumped into a wall, see white figures all right in tow.

Lookin' for more, so they shut all the doors,

And lock me in fore evermore.

Slash your throat with broken glass,

Get back where you belong.

Never going home, so I carry on alone,

No matter that they're insane.

Pressure point is building higher 'n' higher.

Repeat Chorus


Repeat Chorus

Since I've been here, I see they're really right,

Lock the madness outside.

Bars surround me, still I feel free,

All around me is insane......


Pressure Point / Angel

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