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On And On

As time goes on,

I feel the morning light it seems,

Seems like I've been here far too long.

Every time I feel this way,

Thinking of you always makes me stay.


So it goes on and on and on,

Never saying how I feel

It goes on and on and on

Why won't I heal??

Said it goes on and on and on,

Like a violent summer rain

It goes on and on and on,

Can you feel my pain??

Things we said that night are gone,

Now I wish I could have told you more.

But sometimes words seem hard to find,

Cause now I've left myself behind

Repeat Chorus


Every night's the same

I have myself to blame

Cursing out, and callin' out to me

Well tell myself, it took more tears it seems

I feel the pain, coming back to me again


Repeat Chorus (2x)


On And On / Angel

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