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Love Is

Love is being a chair that a tired man can sit in

Love is being a shade from the sun and heat to rest in

Love is being a soldier fighting for what you believe in

And love is giving

Love is being a fountain in a desert for you to drink from

Love is seeing a storm and offering protection

Love is giving of both hands to catch the tears in motion

And love is open


Love is deep as is wide

And taller than tall

Love is stronger than steal

Still the bad through it all

It's everything

A wounded hearts wing

Love is, Love is, Love is

All of those things

Love is being a candle that will chase away the darkness

Love is being a strangle to someone that is defense less

Love is praying for those who are searching for forgiveness

And love, love is children

[Repeat Chorus x2]

All of those things

All of those thing


Love Is / Angel

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