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Oh Effendi

In the middle of a caravan

On a four wheel drive oasis

There's a man with a thought in mind

To cash in on the desert faces

He's got a truckload of Yorkshire girls

For your harem going places

And the border bums never saw

The guns in the whiskey cases

There's a real, big demand

And it's written in the palm of his hand

He's gonna change the face of the desert

He's gonna sweep away the sand

Hang on sheik, I've got a yellow streak

I ain't here, I'm a mirage

Get back Des, keep it under your fez

And don't give us away in the massage

Look what I did for the pyramid

I put a pool in and made it pay

I built an elevator and a film theatre

And I shipped it to the U.S.A.

'Cos there's a real big demand

And it's written in the palm of my hand

I'm gonna change the face of the desert

I'm gonna sweep away the sand

Hang on friends!

There's a lot more goodies in the pipeline

So this ain't the time to close the deal

Here's the deal

Ooh, now you've got a Howitzer all of your own

Ooh, and a Panzer division to chauffeur you home

Gun running is fun

But hang on, friends, hang on friends

Allah be praised, there's a whole new craze

We're gonna shoot up the foreign legion

And it's up with the sheik

And down with the frog

We're gonna liberate the region!

Oh Effendi, we're gonna bury your head in the sand

Oh Effendi, you better get off my doggone land

Hey, Prince of the moonbeams

Son of the Sun,

Light of a thousand stars

Your gorillas are urban

And there's bourbon on your turban

And the sun shines out of your ass

Oh Effendi, I'm gonna grovel in your wake

Oh Effendi, it's all been a big mistake

You're gonna cut out my liver

If I don't deliver

Things are getting out of hand

I'm going to ride off into the sunset and

Make a deal with the promised land

Goodbye friends

There's no more goodies in the pipeline


Oh Effendi / 10cc

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