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Comes a sign of wasted times

I will wait no more

Ever trudging through the aimless

Forest we explore

In our boots and money chains

Misfitting cloaks we can't contain

Hidden hates of urgency

Declaring our emergency

And up the tallest window world

The distance was not clear

Unoccupied with brutish thoughts

We had no cause to fear

A lesson so severe

Hotter than the fire we build

Darker than the truth

Ignorance reflected in

The windows of our youth

Push me now beyond the bounds

Of healing hands and thorny crowns

And all the sadness it implies

I've tasted with my own two eyes

And as the catlle rack was cleaned

The floor was brightly stained

And larger though we grew in size

Not a thing was gained

But fate has so ordained

Guided by Voices

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