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Christian Animation Torch Carriers

Sometimes her mother will work with her

But There's nothing wrong with her

There's nothing wrong with her

There's nothing wrong

So such is life that it writes itself

Trying to right itself

But There's nothing wrong with it

There's nothing wrong

And every single day without much to say

These apparitions raise a toast to their kind

The people who are these things

Are not afraid with you

And caring must go with the wisdom

Of their selections

Never can touch their sign language

So is the cost of sound barriers

Even as though she's still searching

For a cloud with a silver lining

We pray for her

She's burning slow

Out on a mission's light

Christian animation torch carriers

This is a shallow hole but faith makes it safe

Hiding inside a grave with no sound

No witness to see

With or without you

Christian animation torch carriers

However will you learn their sign language

However will you try to hide

Within their eyes?

Within them in life?

Guided by Voices

Christian Animation Torch Carriers / Guided by Voices

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