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Big School

One, two big school

Big school

Servant to master

Sinister bastard

All the worlds are

Colliding all around you

Knowledge escapes you

Society rapes you

I've got my notebooks

And I'm going back to

Big school

It's the big school

Now we're talking about

The big school

Big school

Now if I could free you

What would you be then

Look at my eyes through the telephoto lens

And notice the traces

Of faraway places

We're both driving my car back to the

Big school

It's a million miles away

And it's in the backyard

The big school

And it's way up on the hill

The big school

Big school

Don't look back

Don't you ever look back

Cause it just might catch you

Big school

Big school

Guided by Voices

Big School / Guided by Voices

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