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Beatles And Stones

I've met famous people

I've sung famous songs

Famous people sing famous songs

And the situations totally fucked - totally wrong

Do you wanna shout at the devil?

Do you wanna twist and shout?

This is the lesson that i have learned

This is Fats Domino and Mary Hopkins

A quest for fire

Growing in the movieland anthills

Out of the dirt of a southern poorch

Rehearsal for the reversal

Loudly in the chaos of a

Checkerboard ballroom

Bricks and bones

Beatles and Stones

Don't confuse success with luxury

Success doesn't exist

Success is drugs if you want it

Got love if you want it

But no one wants it

Because flesh and blood is made out to be more

I want long hair

I want free love

I want no more war!

Isn't this the same old song

It's the same old story - Isn't it?

Beatles and Stones don't break bones

And words can never harm you

Guided by Voices

Beatles And Stones / Guided by Voices

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