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 Guided by Voices Guided by VoicesАмериканская инди-рок группа

A Good Circuitry Soldier

Highlights with politic ???

Not what they say they are or what they mean

Fisheyes and moonshine for the troops

Good men shrinking nippy rusty gain (?)

Coming back to you

Living in your lonely dreams

Look you know it's true

And I will be endlessly heeding (?)

Contests with colourful pools

Not so befitting as they make them seem

Octane for the ammunition juice

Will swim the mustang swiftly in the stream

Sometimes the way will have an eye on them

Other times the ass will snatch the morsel

Clive licks the (?) eyes of the lonely ones

Here at the time when the mission kicks the tribe

The commission takes the bribe

And I will be endlessly moving (?) now

Guided by Voices

A Good Circuitry Soldier / Guided by Voices

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