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Life as Thugs

[Hook - 2x]

Its so haaa-aard

Living our life as thugs

I know, I gotta stay strong

Through all the pain, we gotta move on

[Dougie D]

Every day that I live life, a nigga steady be trying

To deal with the drama, then the struggle and pain

Don't wanna go and do the wrong thang, cause a nigga know

I gotta keep my mind focused, for my little girl reign

My baby mama ain't coming, instead of playing them games

Made them kidnap, there his baby

Alisha and Jennifer, Christopher care less

And y'all gon pay for what you did, yeah yeah

And I'ma put it in the Lord's hand, and let it be

And ain't no looking for war, that the Lord can't beat

Child gon see heavenly father, in the sky

Will you deliver me, from my enemies

Although my pain burns deep, through my fate struggles

I prayed for these peeps, revelation has been revealed

That the world is coming to, an end surely

Hope you understand, and shorty this is a message from my father

Save my soul, don't stress if I'm balling, what is it for

A lot to gain the world, but to lose a soldier

For the love of balling, hoping that you can hear me darling

Dear Lord keep us all here from falling, this is my world

This is my promise, keep me humble to raise my daughter

[Hook - 2x]


Fin to make me another nigga feel my pain, stressed out

Praying in chains, sick of living the game and it'd never be the same

I've been here too much, all of my niggas I love

Getting locked up, and dropping in the ground too much

I would give my life to see em, smile again

All of the pain that I feel, fin to run me dry

Look in the sky, and why my niggas had to die

These tears that I cry, can't bring back the t

Life as Thugs /

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