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Go Slow

Early in the day in the tropics they pick their breakfast from the trees

when the evening comes then the steel drums make a rhythm through the breeze

All the work is done in the morning sun with sweat and dedication

in the midday heat they all take a seat for some herb and some meditations

Go slow got no better place to go

go slow enjoy your time

All the tourists come lay out in the sun for to darken up their skin

while the natives lay back in the shade feeling warm down deep within

When the stars shine bright in the breezy night then the band begins to play

rockin' to and fro doing the calypso, soca, ska and reggae


For a love that's find take a little time let your mama feel it better

gently stroke her hair when you know care, giving sweet caresses pet her

'Cause a steady beat and a natural heat make a thick and a magic potion

let your heart keep time rhythm fall and climb and a rockin' steady motion


Go Slow /

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