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 Guano Apes Guano ApesАльтернативный рок-квартет

Lords of the Bords

Im dancing without my shoes

Tempretures risin high

Tur around then i kiss your facesuddently you smile

When i turn the radio on

But its suddently swing

I look around try to catch your eyes

But you just walk away

Its gettin night now the music so loud

The rhythm takes me away

The place is pumpin the partys jumpin

And I just wana stay

Move, move, move a little closer

Its gettin high but to breath

Move, move, move a little closer

Keep groovin to the beat

Take your beatlike this

When your move like that

Through the hurricane

yeah thats where i stand

can you feel the groove

creepin up real soul

take it step by step hit the best

Im dancing without. . .

Guano Apes

Lords of the Bords / Guano Apes

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