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360 Alien Drop


Lords of the Boards

Lords of The Boards

oh, oh

I've got the snowboard under my feet

I can fly so high, i can fall so deep

But who do i see comin' up track

A little green man with the snowboard on his back

he said: you must go up to the mountain

We gonna see who makes the fastest run

Oh, i must go up to the mountain

I'm Gonna Show you how it can be done

Drop in the air

Your life is so blind

With the Lord of the Boards, you'll come and get around(6X)


I'm gonna do it, till i get snow-blind


I leave all the rest behind

i can stay behind him if i can

I wanna be a little more than an

Guano Apes

360 Alien Drop / Guano Apes

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