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I Need You

I need you (3x)

Girl, you're treating me like a fool

Sometimes you can be so cruel

But I know deep down in my heart

Your love for me will never part


I need you to hold on to

Tonight's the night

Lets get together

I feel right when your in sight

I know our love will last forever

Now, relationships breaking each day

Some people's love just runs astray

But I know that our love is true

So now I am asking you


I need you (5x)

Lets get together

I need you (4x)

I realize that you are my fantasy

You are my fantasy

When we make love, you bring me ecstasy

You bring me ecstasy

Now, temptations they pass our away

But our love grows stronger each day

I know that deep down in your heart

Your love for me will never part

Chorus (3x)

I Need You /

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