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Here comes the end of March

And I'm failing all the time

My love carved his name in me

Carefully but full of might

See my head spinning

As surely as the planets

Justify why should I

He'd never come to stand it

What is this

This foreign breath I'm lying with

Thieves are never sweet

Only the end only the end

Only the end I'm dying through

Only the end only the end

Give me trust and faith and all the things I had

I trade my blessings

For a way to open up

A toss up of meaning and

Hello care to make love

Give me punishment or say

I'm a normal girl

Some would say - You just need to get through

You've got everything to learn

What is this

Hands that hold me differently

Thieves are never sweet

I kissed a marionette that didn't move

Stronger every day without you

Reached for a crown and it wasn't there

I got a fat sticky mess and I'm feeling pretty bare.

Yeah I'm feeling pretty bare

I'm feeling pretty bare

That's what I feel

What is this and it's all mine

I'm stained all through my insides

Summerlong /

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