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It was a cold grey afternoon

My mission for ein bichen sun

I raced wkth cars, the bike and the train

Only to come cold back again

I searched the roof

Through pockets,

Under beds, in the closet,

In the fridge everywhere and over all in it

Then suddenly the stars fell down

One by one, undressed the big blue room

My oneway to escape out through

The horizontal verti-calling movements in the

Matto azul

Boom, boom rocket to the moon

Oh I wish upon a star

On a cold grey afternoon

I catched a spot of the sun of the moon

I traveled light,

Traveled time,

Traveled thoughts.

I returned from the jungle

With a glas full of stars,

Ive got sunshine in my pockets

Brought it back to spray the day

And a fist full of glow

Boom, boom , boom rocket to the moon

Rocket /

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