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Shfifty Five

Hey little girl

Do you want to know a secret?

Cause I know one

And it is so good to hear it

Did you want to know what it shwas?

All right I'll tell you what it shwas.

I know... how to count...

All de way to shfifty five

And I can tell you how to do it

Faster than you can say poopty pewpty pants

You ready to hear it baby?

All right



Two and half



Shwenty one

Shwenty Seven half

Shwenty seven

Thirty seven

What you say?

Shiggity Shuave

Shfifty five

Shiggity shuave

Shfifty five

Shiggity shiggity shififty five

Girls friends age, shfifty fifve

My IQ, shfifty five

You must pay, 5 5 is fifty fifty fifty

Shfifty five

Shiggity shiggity shfifty five

Come on girl when you add 5 plus 5

Come on girl, fifty-five, do a fifty five.

Come on girl, come on girl, shake that pussy wax

Fifty-five, fifty-five, fifty-five lets do that brand new sex.

(Repeat Shifty-sifve x10)


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