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Sun For A Reason

Intro: lil dap

Straight like that, i feel you like that

I hope you feel us like that (i feel you)

Tear for the ghetto y'all, group home 2000

I feel you baby, i'mm let you know

Have me comin out my motherfuckin character

{lil dap}

About 1972, when the lady took birth

I searched the earth, just to see what it was worth

My buddha was strong, so you know i won't get cursed

I'm doing my thing, shining like martin luther king

An angel with wings, know all about those diamond rings

I'm livin proof, kickin the knowledge to the youth

I'm talkin to you, i used to be just like you

I pity the fool, it haven't about 12 past noon

The time was 1989 to exact

Let's take it back, now they shoot you up with prosack

Shit get real, livin in the battle field

With lifestyles and situations where people get killed

Cat's get plunked, what's the deal?

Streets are real, ghg and you can't see me

Successfully, comin from the ghetto you see?

Poppin with the flow, just to let the faggot niggas know

Now i'm gonna go, live from the ghett-io

Chorus 4x: lil dap

Real like a motherfucker reign supreme

Open your eyes, check out my brand new team

{lil dap}

See lil dap represent brooklyn, new york

So kill all the talk, now watch all these niggas get off

We comin with force, puttin mad pressure on rap

Cuz these are the facts, knowin when battle niggas get slapped

My arms or my two's, motherfuckers think shit is cool

Cuz these are the rules, keep it tight with your crew

So when you chillin with your enemy out in the field,

Nine times out of ten you have to pack some steel

What the deal? a leader not a follower

Check my undertoe in th

Sun For A Reason /

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