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'Shannon" by Henry Gross. From the LP 'Release' (Lifesong PZ34995, 1976)

Another day is at end

Mama says she's tired again

No one can even begin to tell her

I hardly know what to say

But maybe it's better than way

Is papa were here

I'm sure he'd tell he

Shannon is gone

I hope she's drifting out to sea

She always ;pved to swim away

Maybe she'll find an island

With a shady tree

Just like the one in our backyard

Mama tried hard to pretend

Tings will get better again

Somehow she's keeping

It all inside her

But finally the tears fill our eyes

And I know that somewhere tonight

She knows how much we really miss her

[repeat chorus]

>I seem to remember thinking that the song was somehow about a dog

>named shannon. I do remember that this song seemed to make me want to

>burst out crying each time I heard parts of it. Any help or lyrics

>would be very much appreciated.

Shannon is Henry's dog. The credits say "Special thanks to Ronnie DeMarino,

Sue and Ralph Mastruzzo for loving Shannon while we were gone".

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