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They All Fall Down


Blood curdling truth

Working the word in as proof

Besides mine the guidlines of righteous paths taken

Tremendous speaking, fresh out the kitchen

And never switching from the homegrown

Hole it down like the ozone

This is for the playa playa

Make ya holla holla

The kid with no morals

Sell his mama for a dollar

They all fall down

They all fall down

They all fall down

They all fall

I've compiled this alongside with bone

So you can file this under for the opposing a nihilist

Doubt what you know nothing about reactionary

Belief in the scripture's fulfillment are contrary

To popular belief

Hellbound in a basket

Sucking on their teeth

Wound up in a casket

At close, you froze

Already chose the doors you go trough

The life you chose to lead

Determines the place you go to


To the naked, untrained eye

Who can't see time fly by

Revolving on a carousel

Living life like a modern day fairytale...

Slow mo', urgent message gets a no-go

What fo'

Can't nobody tell you

Everything is lovey dovey

Till your plans fall through...

They all fall down -x3-

They all fall


Lay it down flat

The ins and outs of this business

Oral with my morals

Things i say seem pretentious

Show change

I ain't deranged

To be looked upon strange

Like the dames in the verbs joint (shoot, we the factors)

You ain't know neah

Rally all my troops in GI Joe gear

Arsenals and weapons abundant

Stop me if I sound redundant


Sound redundant

Man please appease me

Repeat yourself

Most folks scared of the truth

Living lies

Fooling themselves and everyone surr

They All Fall Down /

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