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if you can feel it feel it

get with it with it

we stay witty with it

so you can feel it feel it

we stay above average stay killin these tracks yo

i stay off in the country but stay city with that so

stay keeping yall guessin stay in higher demand

stay true to who im repping steady movin ahead

i stay lyrical stay spritual never move outa line

if you could read up in between i stays clear with mine

since 89 i stayed straight no more livin off state

the only bars i stay locked in now are 16 or 8

you wanna stay in the kitchen

when grits is hot they bubble

stay poppin out the top stay ready to tussle

who wanna muscle flex context in combat with bone

ill have you cryin to your mamma

talking bout leave me alone

mixed views misconstrued

by the way that we present it

send it out through verbal lessons

herbal essence when we spit it

if you hit you gone feel it and get addicted ill admit it

the first times for free but the rest cost life get it

bass how low can you go

evangelic shatter false hope like a useless relic

im an animal covered with hair insides mechanical

guardin my heart like im botanical

im snatchin satans mandible

i damned him at best with random access

forever banished when he left his lies vanished

standing in the midst of chaos

hours of praying and fasting began to pay off

at times like these cant take a day off

what i compete with i get street with

my strange language bone crusing anguish

pain cant be quenched or vanquished

my anger rise up its ludicrous the way i throw dem bows

and swell his eyes up aint that cute

the honey pot that money got his hand in

its funny how he think he got it on lock he just a stand in

reprimandin rebuking til you understandin


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